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Who is Michael Rubin, Incorporated?

Michael Rubin, Incorporated is a Public Adjuster firm, licensed by the Department of Insurance and accredited by the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) based in Washington D.C. MICHAEL RUBIN, INCORPORATED represents policyholders when they have an insurance property claim. The MICHAEL RUBIN team is recognized as leaders in the complicated field of claims adjustment for their professional approach in maximizing the recovery for their clients. With over forty years of experience, MICHAEL RUBIN knows what is needed to present your claim to your insurance carrier to expedite the settlement process without compromising the true value of your claim.

Obtaining a full recovery for a major property or business interruption loss requires a number of areas of expertise. MICHAEL RUBIN is the exclusive local West Coast loss-advising firm of the Anderson Kill Loss Advisors Network, (AKLAN). AKLAN are North America’s leading public loss advising firms and Anderson Kill Insurance Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C. the leading law firm in the representation of insurance policyholders.

Through its associate members, MICHAEL RUBIN, together with the Anderson Kill Loss Advisors Network provides these areas of expertise in a unique, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to loss consulting, drawing upon the vast experience of its loss advisors, estimators, accountants and legal analysts.

Our network of experts allows us to utilize all the necessary specialists needed for your specific loss. This unprecedented alliance enables MICHAEL RUBIN to maintain a local presence together with a global network of experts to best serve your needs.

What We Do

Our job is to present your claim for the benefit of you, the insured—not the Insurance Company. Your claim will be measured and documented in accordance with standards required by your policy to affect a claim recovery. Our reputation is undisputed in the Insurance Industry.

MICHAEL RUBIN will work with the Insurance Companies Adjuster to prepare a comprehensive scope of work to repair your property, making sure that you receive everything you are entitled to as outlined in the language of your insurance policy.

MICHAEL RUBIN will prepare a extensive detailed inventory of your contents loss, making sure that every item is identified and counted using the most current pricing available to establish the true replacement value of your claim.

MICHAEL RUBIN will prepare comprehensive claims for business interruption, loss of income, extra expense, loss of rents and/or the loss of use, additional living expense (ALE), and fair rental value.

When to Retain Michael Rubin

The most frequent and important mistake made by an insured in the adjustment of a property claim is the failure to retain MICHAEL RUBIN immediately

MICHAEL RUBIN can assist in organizing data and establishing crucial valuation based on your policy language eliminating the possibility of incorrect interpretation.

Very frequently, the insured seeks to avoid paying our modest fee and attempts to adjust the claim on his own. Only after considerable frustration does the insured turn to us to remedy what has become a frightening situation. It would be the same as hiring a Certified Public Accountant after the IRS decides to audit your return. In both instances, a professional can help, but cannot be as effective had he or she been retained prior to any problems developing.

If you choose to retain us immediately, or after the settlement process begins, either way MICHAEL RUBIN can always assist you in protecting your rights as an insured.

How to Contact Michael Rubin

You can contact us at info@9adjust.com or phone us at 1-800-9-ADJUST.


Here's What Our Clients Say About Us

“Just thought I would write you a brief, but sincere note of thanks for the work you did for me in regards to the Malibu fire. Your professionalism, knowledge and results Michael Rubin surpassed my expectation.”
—Harry Baxter

“…you were able to convince the insurance company to pay us 500% more than they had originally paid us.”
—Jacki & Greg Piper